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Are you Curious about So Near Yet So ...

It’s been a busy time with two projects budding simultaneously. Painted Ocean So Near Yet So Far is the first song to be released under the new name for the band. We are now Painted Ocean; a better fitting monicker for the kind or music we are making. We have seven songs in various states […]

So Near Yet So Far

Painted Ocean – my band – has just released our first single. You can listen to it here    

Player of Games

Iain Banks died last week, and some of his ashes are to be shot into the sky over the Forth. I like to think that at the last moment he was whisked away by a Culture ship and is now relaxing in a deck chair under a strange coloured sky, drinking a strange coloured drink. […]

Meeting a Mellotron

Meeting a Mellotron

It was a message on the Flower Kings newsgroup that sent me to Mike Dickson’s web site. “Listen to his Mellotronworks” it said. I’ve long enjoyed the sound of the mellotron, from listening to the Moody, Blues, Strawbs, Yes, and in particular Tangerine Dream and King Crimson. Mike Dickson’s Mellotronworks is a loving crafted rendition […]

Something Wicked

My pen is resting for a short while* as I wrestle with the final recording and mixing of our Arbelos album, Stone Owl on the Shore. Mixing and recording Stone Owl  has re-kindled my love of electronic music, the Tangerine Dream-esque stuff in particular: Berlin School style, it is sometime known. I was rummaging around […]

When Snow Falls at Night (Acoustic ve...

Just waiting for the snow to fall. Edinburgh is spectacular under a blanket of white. It’s not happening here, yet, maybe later today we’re told. Meanwhile, I couldn’t but help do a quick video of me singing When Falls at Night. Here it is. Hope you enjoy it.

In a Grain of Sand

In a Grain of Sand

Here’s a story destined for the 3rd volume of New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh. I’ve published it on a great little story site called Burrst. Like many Edinburgh residents I’m still trying to work out the point of the trams, and why the project is costing so much and taking so long. I think […]

When Snow Falls at Night

It’s snowing here in Edinburgh, so it’s time to break out one of our Christmas songs again. This one is called ‘When Snow Falls at Night’ and I wrote it three years ago for our Christmas concert in Dumfries. When snow falls at night, There’s a hush in the darkness  The peace that you feel […]

“Myths and Legends” is no...

If you want to buy a printed copy of New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh Volume 1, you can now do so. Pop along to Pulp Fiction at 43 Bread Street in Edinburgh, and ask, in as loud and as clear a  voice as you can: “I would like to purchase your finest copy of New […]

Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars

Just re-recorded a simple version of this little song, Seeing Stars. Just me, an acoustic guitar and a synth.

The Great Al Fresco! Volume 2 of New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh is available for Kindle from AmazonFind out more about the tales  here. . .

Professor MacIntyre is Missing!” New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh volume 1 is available for Kindle from Amazonfor Apple iThings from the Apple iBookstoreand from Smashwords in all ebook formats. Find out more about the tales  here. . .

Stone Owl on the Shore

Quasar One