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Edinburgh Books in a Silent Auction

Edinburgh Books in a Silent Auction

Quiet Please. One of my favourite bookshops in Edinburgh, the Morningside Oxfam bookshop, is running a silent auction. On sale is a collection of ancient books about Edinburgh, including such gems as Edinburgh 1329-1929, Edinburgh Sketches and Memories, Edinburgh Vignettes, and Traditions of Edinburgh. The magic of  these fine old books are the illustrations: engravings […]

New Myths of Edinburgh Almost Ready

Was this the location of Professor MacIntyre's amazing adventure?

I’m pleased to be able to say that my first ebook, New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh, Volume 1, is almost ready. It has been edited and proof-read (thanks Arthur), and now I’m just checking that the conversion to epub format has worked correctly. After that, I will be submitting it for distribution to the […]