I have a unique name. No, really. There is no other Noel Chidwick on this planet. I envy all the John Smiths, the Peter Jacksons, the Fred Bloggses – you can each form a group. You can also hide. If I were to try to find out more about John Smith, Google would be no use – far too many John Smiths. Leaves in a forest. Now Google my name. Go on, do it now.

Are you back? See? That’s all me. And there’s some strange things out there: things I’ve forgotten I’ve done, but someone has posted. When my memory finally packs in, it’ll be great. All I will have to do is Google my name, and all the memories will be there.

But a bit all over the shop, what?

Hence this site. It’ll always be covered in scaffolding, and the brieze blocks of the west wing will remain exposed, but it’s mine. I hope to use this to keep a note on the web of things I want to gather.

So thanks for popping along: I have no idea of what you’ll make of it.

Oh, and there’s no private stuff here. That’s private.