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New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh volum...

“But Edinburgh is a mad god’s dream” —Hugh MacDiarmid (1892–1978): “Edinburgh” Released at last! The second collection of my stories and tales inspired by and about Edinburgh is now available. It’s in gloriously shiny ebook format for the delectable Amazon Kindle. To buy it and instantly begin reading (go on, you know you want to) [amazon […]

Edinburgh Cannonball Collector to be Mad...

It’s not one of Edinburgh’s most well known jobs, but in light of the funding cuts – thanks Mr Cameron – Edinburgh Council is dropping the post of Edinburgh Cannonball Collector. You’ve never heard of the job? – and for good reason: we don’t really want tourists to know that at 1 o’clock every day they […]

Conan Doyle’s Edinburgh

Conan Doyle’s Edinburgh

The Edinburgh West Port Book Festival has started, and I’m looking forward especially to plug my self into a series of podcasts on Conan Doyle’s Edinburgh. As the site says: “Owen Dudley Edwards takes us on a tour of Conan Doyle’s Edinburgh, taking us to some of the places which inspired Sherlock Holmes and his […]

Edinburgh Books in a Silent Auction

Edinburgh Books in a Silent Auction

Quiet Please. One of my favourite bookshops in Edinburgh, the Morningside Oxfam bookshop, is running a silent auction. On sale is a collection of ancient books about Edinburgh, including such gems as Edinburgh 1329-1929, Edinburgh Sketches and Memories, Edinburgh Vignettes, and Traditions of Edinburgh. The magic of  these fine old books are the illustrations: engravings […]

Scottish Review

I’ve lived in Scotland since 1981, when I came to take an MSc in Astronomical Technology. I enjoyed the privilege of studying and working at the Royal Observatory on Blackford Hill, from where the view over Edinburgh is spectacular. Looking north you take in: Morningside at your feet; Edinburgh Castle;  Castle Rock and Arthur’s Seat. […]

Edinburgh – under water for a new film

Now this is a short film I’m looking forward to seeing when it’s completed. It’s called Boat, and it’s set in a post-apocalyptic Edinburgh, with the city under water. There are some stirring scenes with a submerged Prince’s Street and a crumbling Balmoral Hotel. It’s being made by David Lumsden, who lives in Slateford just down […]