It’s been a busy time with two projects budding simultaneously.

Painted Ocean Backdrop-paintedPainted Ocean

So Near Yet So Far is the first song to be released under the new name for the band. We are now Painted Ocean; a better fitting monicker for the kind or music we are making. We have seven songs in various states of readiness which make up our next album Stone Owl on the Shore, and we have decided to release them one by one until the last one which will be released as part of the album.  We are extremely chuffed with the songs, and as one of the songwriters I’m keen to see the little varmints out there, earning their keep at last.
 I wrote So Near Yet So Far to mark 40 years since the Apollo XIII mission – that’s the one where the astronauts didn’t get to step on  the Moon. What would that feel like to get so close to realising your dream, yet still be glad to be alive, to return to Earth? The alternative title for the song is Jim Lovell’s Lament. 
Take a listen:

We’re busy mixing the other songs on the Stone Owl collection. The songs will be released as they are ready: the next one is called Forest Glades and was written by Mark Toner.
Why a Stone Owl, do you ask? You can read his story here: some of it is true…
And the other project? You’ll just have to be curious a boy longer.