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On the Shoreline of Infinity

I’m having a great time at the moment. Mark Toner (musical and artistical friend for many years) and I have decided that the time is ripe to create a Science Fiction magazine. It’s called Shoreline of Infinity and with a good wind behind us, and the continuing support of some fine folk, the first issue will […]

Interstellar – Impressions

Interstellar. A phenomenon of a film. I was nailed to my seat by the sheer force of the scope of the story; the images of a dust-dry Earth; and the awe-soaked imagery of a warped space and time. Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack swirling around the cinema was as much a character in the film as anything […]

Stone Owl on the Shore

Stone Owl on the Shore

Another reason why I’ve neglected my words over the last few months is this: I’ve been busy recording and mixing my band’s new album, Stone Owl on the Shore. This is finally being released on 7th November 2014 as a  download from all the usual places, plus as a real, skim across the room, CD from […]

When Snow Falls at Night

When snow falls at night, There’s a hush in the darkness The peace that you feel is the breath of the Earth. Catch the air cold and crisp, taste the flakes falling on your tongue, Your warmth beside me is more than I deserve, More than I deserve,  Chorus Slow down take it easy, take your time there’s no hurry Stop. […]

The Owl Overlord

I see that I have neglected my own website recently, what with all my other goings on going on. My two slim volumes of Edinburgh Tales are selling slowly, but steadily, and I have just put the second one, The Great Al Fresco!, through the Amazon All You Can Eat programme where you can download […]

Are You Curious about So Near Yet So Far...

And after months of planning, my other project is now open for business. I’m also the partner in The New Curiosity Shop  which up ’til now has focused on online courses. We are now becoming an indie publisher, and we are looking to add non-fiction books to our catalogue. Short e books of around 15,000 words, […]