I am dead chuffed to be shortlisted for the Bloody Scotland Short Story Competition, especially as I am on holiday in Kintyre at the moment – hence the picture of a rock paddling in the sea.

My story, along with those of my fellow shortlistees, is to be published in an ebook to mark Bloody Scotland – Scotland’s First International Crime Writing Festival. It should be a cracking read, and I urge you to arm your Kindle Reader in preparation – and pop along to the festival to be held in Stirling too. (I thought it only fair to plug the event).

I’m even more delighted because the story I submitted is the first crime story I have ever written. I have read loads, and especially admired the words of Ian Rankin, but it was only when I saw the Bloody Scotland Story competition that I thought I would like to try, and blow me if a story didn’t barge its way into my head. So thanks again, Judges of Bloody Scotland, and maybe it’s time I took to a life of crime.