I watched Prometheus, and thoroughly enjoyed it – it is a visual spectacle and a  piece of top-notch escapism. But I did find myself inwardly shouting at the crew “don’t be so stupid – map the bloody planet first!” but that would have made for a lesser film, I suppose, less of a visceral, hang-on-to-your-seat experience.

Afterwards, I did feel a tad uneasy: the way these so-called scientists behaved was  jut plain wrong. Now, I’ve watched many films where the scientists do their ‘just reverse the polarity’ trick and save the world  – oh if only, if only – and up with it I have put. But Prometheus was an itch I couldn’t scratch.

Then I came across this article, by C C Finlay:

Guest Review: Prometheus–The Horror!.

Now I feel as if my liver is being nibbled daily.