In 1980 something or other I was at a workshop at Heriot Watt University. There was a room with some computers in, and they were all running ¬†a program called Netscape. “Wot’s this?” we asked, prodding at the screen with stubby fingers.

“A world-wide web browser.”


“Try it.”

We clicked and read, and enlightenment dawned. That link in that document was connected to a document on another computer on the other side of the world.

It took all my nerve to not run to the other side of the room to hide behind the sofa. There wasn’t a sofa, so I remained brave.

The implications were enormous. And they still are. We are still tiny new born puppies scrabbling around with our eyes tight shut.

But I was hooked. And the thought of what could be done with this technology to enhance learning still makes me quiver with excitement. Well, maybe not quiver, but come on, just look at it.

So, as I could I slowly carved a niche and assorted bits of career towards this aim. At the college, on secondment to SCET (Now Learning and Teaching Scotland), SFEU (Now Association of Colleges) (hold still, darn it), and now with our very own New Curiosity Shop.

What I would like to do here is upload all the presentations and papers I have written over the years. Looking back at them could be quite funny.

I would also like to revive ScotFEICT. I nearly have. Take a look, and if you like, send me an email to let me know what you think I should do with it. I stopped when I ran out of time to continue, and when I realised everyone’s Granny was running an elearning Blog.