I’ve been writing on and off ever since I could hold a crayon. I’ve written: science fiction; fiction; non-fiction; and reviews of SF, music and other things long forgotten. I’ve co-edited a Folk magazine and a one-off SF fanzine (Meta). I have  written many pieces on and around the theme of online learning and technology in teaching and learning.

Latterly, released under the name of Arbelos, I have taken to the songwriting, revisiting songs old and creating new.

Recently, realising that I have accumulated a collection of Edinburgh stories – some published many years ago – I have returned to the digital typewriter with a little more vigour, and am writing more than ever.

I am privileged to have lived, worked and played in Edinburgh for most of my grown-up life. Edinburgh is a city that inspires and infuriates in equal measures, but is forgiven every winter anew at sunset, with that stunning view over the castle.

One day, I hope to meet Professor MacIntyre.

I have a wife, two children, a dog and a pair of in-laws I also love deeply.