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On the Shoreline of Infinity

I’m having a great time at the moment. Mark Toner (musical and artistical friend for many years) and I have decided that the time is ripe to create a Science Fiction magazine. It’s called Shoreline of Infinity and with a good wind behind us, and the continuing support of some fine folk, the first issue will […]

Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars

A little poem, now a song, written a while ago. Released here for National Poetry Day.

Are You Curious about So Near Yet So ...

And after months of planning, my other project is now open for business. I’m also the partner in The New Curiosity Shop  which up ’til now has focused on online courses. We are now becoming an indie publisher, and we are looking to add non-fiction books to our catalogue. Short e books of around 15,000 words, […]

In a Grain of Sand

In a Grain of Sand

Here’s a story destined for the 3rd volume of New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh. I’ve published it on a great little story site called Burrst. Like many Edinburgh residents I’m still trying to work out the point of the trams, and why the project is costing so much and taking so long. I think […]

Bloody Scotland and the Cheesemakers ...

I’m extremely proud to have a short story in an e-collection of crime tales called Worth the Wait. The story, Blessed are the Cheesemakers was a shortlisted entry in a competition for Bloody Scotland, Scotland’s first International Crime Writing Festival to be held in Stirling on the weekend of the 14th September. Blessed are the Cheesemakers is set in the […]

The Great Al Fresco!

Need your post Edinburgh Festival fix? My second collection of  Edinburgh tales may be just for you. The title story, The Great Al Fresco! is based on a true experience I had as the unwilling victim of a street juggler. You can pick up your own delightfully digital copy from Amazon

A Life of Crime?

I am dead chuffed to be shortlisted for the Bloody Scotland Short Story Competition, especially as I am on holiday in Kintyre at the moment – hence the picture of a rock paddling in the sea. My story, along with those of my fellow shortlistees, is to be published in an ebook to mark Bloody […]

New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh vo...

“But Edinburgh is a mad god’s dream” —Hugh MacDiarmid (1892–1978): “Edinburgh” Released at last! The second collection of my stories and tales inspired by and about Edinburgh is now available. It’s in gloriously shiny ebook format for the delectable Amazon Kindle. To buy it and instantly begin reading (go on, you know you want to) [amazon […]

The Great Al Fresco! is on its way

It’s nearly ready –  The Great Al Fresco! – New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh Volume 2. The editors have completed their tasks of uncrossing the ‘I’s and undotting the ‘T’s and now I’m formatting it ready for uploading to Amazon and the other ebook shops. It should be ready before the end of June. […]

The Bells of the Tron Kirk

Today is the shortest day of the year and it is also National Short Story Day. Here is my offering to the gods to ask for the sun to return. A little piece from a hopefully soon-to-be-completed Volume 2 of New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh. You can get it to read on your favourite […]

The Great Al Fresco! Volume 2 of New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh is available for Kindle from AmazonFind out more about the tales  here. . .

Professor MacIntyre is Missing!” New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh volume 1 is available for Kindle from Amazonfor Apple iThings from the Apple iBookstoreand from Smashwords in all ebook formats. Find out more about the tales  here. . .

Stone Owl on the Shore

Quasar One