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The Devil’s Testicle – A ...

A strange sight greets the walker in Craiglockhart Dell. A rounded boulder stands alone beside the path, incongruous amongst the bushes. I’ve passed it many times whilst walking Rosa, but it was only during my research on Professor MacIntyre that I discovered its origin, and why it lay there in the glen below Redhall House. […]

“Myths and Legends” is no...

If you want to buy a printed copy of New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh Volume 1, you can now do so. Pop along to Pulp Fiction at 43 Bread Street in Edinburgh, and ask, in as loud and as clear a  voice as you can: “I would like to purchase your finest copy of New […]

Edinburgh Books in a Silent Auction

Edinburgh Books in a Silent Auction

Quiet Please. One of my favourite bookshops in Edinburgh, the Morningside Oxfam bookshop, is running a silent auction. On sale is a collection of ancient books about Edinburgh, including such gems as Edinburgh 1329-1929, Edinburgh Sketches and Memories, Edinburgh Vignettes, and Traditions of Edinburgh. The magic of  these fine old books are the illustrations: engravings […]

New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh av...

“Professor MacIntyre is Missing!” and other stories. Those fine people at Smashwords have taken New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh and cast their spell. It is now available for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch from the Apple iBookstore. You can get it through iTunes to download to your favourite Apple device. I must say that […]

More books than you can shake a stick...

Under The Tree

Every May my wife and I make our annual pilgrimage to the church of St Andrew’s and St George’s in George Street, here in Edinburgh. We are not alone. Hundreds of people join us, and like us, bow our heads in concentration as we silently and reverentially slowly file around the church, inside and out. […]

Stone designs appear on Arthur’s Seat

These stone patterns are worth a visit to Arthur’s Seat. For those who don’t know, Edinburgh has it’s very own extinct volcano in the middle of the city. It’s a spot of wilderness, and when I first came it was a place for sheep to graze. It is also littered with rocks of all shapes […]

New Myths and Legends at No. 19 in th...

It’s true. New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh is at No. 19 in the Bestsellers List. Take a look at this video clip: Ok, it’s the bestsellers list of Fairy Tales on Amazon Kindle, but it’s something. Help me raise it higher –  or at least stop it sinking – and click on that link […]

New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh Av...

New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh Volume 1 is now available. You can order a copy from this website in epub format for your iphone or ipad, or follow the link and order it from Amazon for Kindle. More details at: New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh Volume 1

New Myths of Edinburgh Almost Ready

Was this the location of Professor MacIntyre's amazing adventure?

I’m pleased to be able to say that my first ebook, New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh, Volume 1, is almost ready. It has been edited and proof-read (thanks Arthur), and now I’m just checking that the conversion to epub format has worked correctly. After that, I will be submitting it for distribution to the […]

The Great Al Fresco! Volume 2 of New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh is available for Kindle from AmazonFind out more about the tales  here. . .

Professor MacIntyre is Missing!” New Myths and Legends of Edinburgh volume 1 is available for Kindle from Amazonfor Apple iThings from the Apple iBookstoreand from Smashwords in all ebook formats. Find out more about the tales  here. . .

Stone Owl on the Shore

Quasar One