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When Snow Falls at Night

When snow falls at night, There’s a hush in the darkness 
The peace that you feel is the breath of the Earth. 
Catch the air cold and crisp, taste the flakes falling on your tongue, 
Your warmth beside me is more than I deserve, 
More than I deserve, 

Slow down take it easy, take your time there’s no hurry 
Stop. Look around, enjoy what you have. 
Sometimes you have to let go, watch the world from your window 
Christmas is a good time to take a new path. 
To take a new path. 

The daft days are the days between Christmas and Hogmanay. 
Let’s take a walk to look back and before. 
With the blue sky above and the white hills beneath our feet 
Our worries dissolve with the turn of the door. 

Life’s not a race, no winners or losers 
The planet’s too small, there’s nowhere to run 
Santa can’t leave us presents for ever… 

Turn off your screens, step from your car my friend, 
Put away your phone, take the buds from your ears. 
How did we fall into digital slavery, 
Let’s cast off our toys, raise a glass and sing cheers. . .

A song I wrote reflecting on the time of year, released as a single by my band, Painted Ocean,  www.paintedoceanmusic.com



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